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HVAC Shop Talk

Oct 15, 2018


TruBlu hoses

HVAC hourly wages. How much should you make? How can you improve your hourly wage?

Metering Device (Tech Tip)

Motor Overloads (COW)

Oct 8, 2018

Show notes -

- Andrew Greaves makes a big announcement

- Zack and Andrew talk about HVAC career paths

- The future of the HVAC Shop Talk brand is announced


Sep 28, 2018

1st ever HVAC #TechThursday!

- Top ten HVAC YouTube channels.

- Guys test the wheel of fate.

Sep 21, 2018

Summary for this week-

- Zack regales the audience with stories about hurricane Florence.

- Ralph comes in to have an HVAC/life discussion

Sep 13, 2018

- Zack gives away prizes on the live YouTube stream

- Discussions vary based on chat questions/comments