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HVAC Shop Talk

Feb 14, 2019


- Leak detection

- HVAC vehicles

- Mistakes made

- A lot of joking around

Feb 12, 2019


- How Chuck went from working with the school system to starting his own business

- What preparations to make when starting a business

- Why Chuck chose Armstrong, American Standard and Ameristar as his brands to install

- Why fixing and not replacing is sometimes the answer

- Why is Chuck a one man show

Feb 7, 2019


- We ask Tersh (from the Service Business Mastery podcast) many questions in the area of small business ownership, HVAC pricing, employee hiring, and more.

Feb 5, 2019


- Zack talks about how the internet (social media) affects the perception of the trade. He also discusses how social media is not a good place to gather trade advice.

- Zack, AK and Tersh Blissett (Service Business Mastery Podcast) answer phone calls during the last HVAC Shop Talk Live event (YouTube stream).

Feb 1, 2019


- Choosing the proper jobs for your small business

- Dealing with customers / TSA