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HVAC Shop Talk

Sep 28, 2018

1st ever HVAC #TechThursday!

- Top ten HVAC YouTube channels.

- Guys test the wheel of fate.

Sep 21, 2018

Summary for this week-

- Zack regales the audience with stories about hurricane Florence.

- Ralph comes in to have an HVAC/life discussion

Sep 13, 2018

- Zack gives away prizes on the live YouTube stream

- Discussions vary based on chat questions/comments

Sep 8, 2018

- Zack picks winners for the Amprobe, Refrigeration Technologies, and UEI Test Instruments gear

- Find out when the next giveaway is going to happen!

- What is the big secret???

Sep 6, 2018

What happens in this podcast??

- Guys call in and try to get NATE questions correct

- Zack talks about a "big secret"