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HVAC Shop Talk

Apr 29, 2019

Enter to win an H10 Pro leak detector and Veto bag from our buds at Bacharach -

Topics for this podcast -

The best starter tool bag for HVAC

Entry HVAC multi-meter

Entry hand tools for install and sheet metal

Apr 18, 2019


- Why won't guys pass their knowledge on

- Made in the USA and what it means

- Backpacks & Boots

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Apr 12, 2019


- Redfish HVAC Clamp Multi Meter

- MeasureQuick

- Emerson Sensi Predict


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Apr 10, 2019


- End of the HVAC manifold

- Using smart probes on multiple refrigerants

- Using smart probes on water

- Multi-meter relative measurement

- Power factor


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Apr 5, 2019


- NAVAC NP2DLM 2 CFM battery vacuum Pump

- Zack's leak detector experiment

- AK's epic bathroom visit